What We Do

Digitally Enhanced Image, Inc. is an interactive application and website development company specializing in the tradeshow and event industry.

Interactive application development

We have been creating interactive content for over 20 years and specialize in tradeshow and event touch screen content.

Event Content Management

We have developed and maintain an Event Content Management system to help manage event content and requirements.

Total Event Management System

We have developed and maintain the Total Event Management System to help manage meeting, transportation and accommodation requirements for events. For more information contact us or visit the site



Core Features of DEI

Over 20 years of experience in developing web applications and event interacitve content.


Over 20 years working in the event industry creating interactive applications for some of the largest companies in the world.


24 hours a day technical support.


We have worked alongside some of the world's largest companies with a focus on branding and professionalism.

About Our Company

Digitally Enhanced Image, Inc. (Enhanced Image)

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